Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up

I was inspired by Taylor Ketchum's blog so I am going to wrap up my 2010! It was a GREAT year filled with so many different things! Here it is :)

To start off 2010 we had a major ice storm which allowed us to have a big family sleepover with two of my favorite girls! 
 Directed Gamma Spring Sing! We were flight attendants and got 2nd place! I still hear from people how great we sounded :) Loved it
Love this girl so much! We directed together and I miss seeing Katy everyday :( She is an amazing woman! The master of all club Spring Sing

 Went to Washington D.C and NYC for Spring Break! So much fun! Also the first time to be on a Segway!
 Times Square! Our hotel was right in the square!
 Met Marry Poppins
 Met Anne Curry (if that is how you spell her name)
 Saw Taylor Swift! She sounded great and put on a great show!
 Gamma banquet with my boyfriend! :)
 And my friends!!!!!! 
Became President of Gamma Rho following the lovely Ms. Katie Barnes!

 THUNDER MADE THE PLAYOFFS!!!! My favorite sports event I have ever been too!
 Sang the Rwandan National Anthem for the Rwandan President... no big deal!
 Little Brother graduated and went to college with me!
 Turned 21!
 Roomie and Summer Singer Meagan got married!!!!!
 Roomie and Summer Singer Lacy got married too!!!
Chelsea went to Japan :( Last picture before she left! Great night! I love you guys
 Last Summer as a Summer Singer
Started off a great semester with my Gamma girls! 

My other pictures from this semester are not up yet... But we also had a great rush, started planning spring sing, started planning the wedding, and had my last Christmas without my man! I loved 2010, but I AM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH 2011! Wedding year! Also Spring sing is going to be awesome plus student teaching! Thanks for the memories 2010! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Last Christmas

This is the last Christmas that Brock and I were apart! It's crazy when you start saying "the last" of things. To be honest this is exciting yet bitter sweet! I'm excited that I will never have to be apart from him ever again on the holidays, but it is sad that some things will change. Change is sometimes a hard subject for me. I think I learned that from my family. I live with a traditionalist family. We have Christmas the same every year. We are atleast at home with just the 4 of us and wake up, open presents, eat a steak lunch, and stay in our pajamas all day. The perfect Christmas. Now that "last" Christmas has passed. I don't think it will hit me till next year when we play the "whose house we will be at when" game. This is an exciting step for us because we will then be "one", a two in one package! Luckily our families live 2 hours away from each other so it isn't that bad. I look forward to starting our own family traditions someday :)

I spent the most of the last week in Wichita with my soon to be in laws! It was filled with family, great food, movies, sleeping in, basketball games, and more! We went to the Warren to the LARGEST DIGITAL IMAX in the country (Brock said to emphasize the "digital" part). It was awesome!!!!! We saw Tron (which I think you should all see) in 3D and I was glued to this huge screen the whole time. I also got to have my own Christmas party with the fam! I got the Lytton favorites cookbook, SO EXCITED, a KU shirt to add to my collection of new KU attire, KU running shorts from Brock, a wedding ornament, an apron, and more! It was a great first Lytton Christmas! As I was leaving on Friday Shawn (Brock's dad) turned to me and said "next year you will be a Lytton!"This is true! So many things are gonna happen this year!

I came back Christmas Eve to spend it with the Lovejoy clan! This has also become tradition. It is a night filled with great food, Wii bowling, gift card exchanging, and farkle. This year many people could not make it on Christmas Eve so we didn't do the gift card exchange but we did enjoy a great game of farkle! I almost came back and one with a score about 3,000 or more but I lost it with one roll... Nanny won the game! Like I said earlier we spent Christmas day as the 4 of us and it started by my dad turning on James Taylor Christmas at 8:30am. Guess this meant it was time to get up (my parents get very excited about Christmas surprises). I watched Christmas story until Lee woke up then we proceeded down the stairs. We open our stockings first and then eat sausage balls (my favorite). I got a suit case that was sitting next to my stocking and I was really excited! It even tells you if it is over 50 pounds or not... technology these days. Then my dad plays Santa and he passes out everyone's presents and we open them. My big gift was an Ihome and jewelry cleaner for my new beautiful ring and some clothes and such! It was a great LAST Christmas with the 4 of us :)

Now we are packing up and getting ready to go to Hilton Head for a nice little get away. I can't wait to just sit in the house and not do anything... seriously, I want to eat good food, shop, watch movies and tv, and SLEEP! I hope you all had a great Christmas! Thanks for reading my blog. I keep finding new people that read it! Have a great day! Thank God for your blessings :)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So my mom is funny... but the other day she made a point that I thought was so true. We were walking to the Cowboy stadium and one man said "holy s***" and my mom's response was "that is not holy..." So funny and so true! Why do people use this expression?? Here are some of the funny words used with Holy that should be re thought...

Holy s***, or Holy crap- sorry to be crude, but your poop is not holy, unless you are God
Holy cow- there are no cows that are holy, not even a pure white one
Holy moley (however you spell it)- I don't think people want to glorify the moles on their body
Holy Guacamole- Although I am obsessed with this stuff, it is not holy

Are there any others you know of?? Food for thought...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Study Break

Well it is the Saturday before finals and I want to take a quick break and tell you some thoughts.

-Yesterday I had my last official college class... WEIRD! I don't really know what to think about this. Part of me is REALLY EXCITED, and part of me is a little nervous about this. Life is starting so soon for me. Can this really be happening? Am I really student teaching next semester?

- Friday was also my first "teacher christmas." My little ones in the homeschool co op brought me some goodies and sonic gift cards! THANK YOU! They have no idea how much I needed that. I am on the go so much that I never have time to go buy food and make it, so I'm always at sonic, or taco bell, or chick fil a... yeah no wedding diet for me! Luckily I haven't really gained anything. Brock and I try to keep working out, but we haven't been keeping it up to good lately. Next semester will be more difficult too, so Im just gonna go back to the good ol Ab Ripper!

- I have no motivation for finals at all... and i have two essay finals this semester, BOO! I'm not good at those... but we will see how that goes.

- Ever feel like God puts you in situations where you have to grow up really fast? Yeah I have felt like that all semester. I'm totally ok with it because I feel like I have always been more grown up for my age, but this year there have been some definite growing experiences.

- This semester has been such a great one! I have had so many fun times with Brock, Gamma, friends, family, and Spring Sing. Now I get to add student teaching into the mix for next semester. I'm so ready to teach. It actually is a destresser for me.

- I get married in less than 6 months and I will have dated my fiance for two years on the 19th!!!!

Well there are my thoughts! Live Laugh Love :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorites

Our engagement pictures are here and we are SO EXCITED about them!!!! If you want to look at all of them they are on my facebook, but here are a few of my favorites :)

 This was right after he said "be natural" and we didn't know what to do... haha so we came up with this 

 Yeah he makes me happy

 This is outside the Oklahoma City Art Museum! Pretty cool! 

 We wanted to do something cool with this bike rack. Try to be "artsy" with it. He did have us do this other pose then looked at it and said "nope, that definately didn't work..." haha! Never saw that one, wonder what that looked like. 

 We also get pretty giddy sometimes

 Brock just told me he likes these next two because I am holding his ear... ha! But I love these because this is who we are!

 We were driving with Randy and he saw this staircase and we had to stop to get the perfect shot with our sperrys! I like this one too.
 This is the start of some awesome lighting! I love this one, and I think it could make an awesome invitation. What do you think?
 I got him that black jacket for Christmas last year. He is so handsome


Well everyone, here it is! The PDA picture you have all been waiting for! Atleast it isn't one of those pictures on facebook that couples put up of them making out. I'm not ok with those. But I do love this picture. Thanks to Whitney Weber and Macy Mason for doing my hair this day :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I apologize for not writing in awhile... It's been a little busy lately. I will try to catch all of you up, so watch out, this will be a long one.

Spring Sing Host and Hostess tryouts were great! We had a lot of talented people out there and was VERY impressed with all the performances. I will say that it was a stressful process to pick people. You go back and forth in your mind and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm a huge people pleaser and I don't like hurting people's feelings. But, i prayed about it and came up with such a great Host and Hostess list! I'm so excited to work with them next semester and to become a Spring Sing family with them :) So if any of you are reading this know that I love you and can't wait for next semester!!!!

Thanksgiving was great! We went down to San Antonio to spend time with the Branches. This was the first time we have all been together in a LONG time. It was so nice to see everyone. On thanksgiving we were all in the Ranch house and we were packed into that place. But that made it even better. You couldn't get around anywhere cause there were people right by you all day. It was a great day filled with great food and chocolate cake and pumpkin cookies that my mom made. I can't wait to be such a great cook like her. Then that night some of us girls went to the outlet mall to get all the good deals. Warning if you do that... These are the stores to avoid: GAP, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and any electric stores. Those stores are jammed packed with people and it looks like a tornado passed through that place after 10 minutes of the store opening. I mean these people are strategic. They rush in at midnight, have their husbands stand close to the line, and throw them clothes from across the store. It is MADNESS! American consumerism at its worst. It's crazy what people will do for material things. Anyways, we went to Pottery Barn, and J Crew and those stores weren't as packed at all. Sidenote: you know you are growing up when out of all the stores in the mall you want to go to Pottery Barn... We got some pillow covers for the wedding that were on sale and that is all I was looking for. One bad thing about this Thanksgiving was that I wasn't with Brock. I realized that I just don't like to be without him, especially when I'm with family. He is my family too, he is going to be my husband, I don't want to spend a holiday apart ever again! Luckily we will be with each other for every holiday after this year :)

Now I'm to the part of the story where life becomes difficult. This is the season that brings cheer and love, but also brings stress. This is the time where I need to make a lot of decisions and start getting organized. OH... and don't forget that finals are right around the corner. We need to nail things down for Spring Sing before break and I need to start shopping for Christmas. Sorry family, I have no idea what I am getting you yet, not even my lovely fiance. I have some ideas, but I don't know when those ideas will get done. Time time time is running out. So I'll admit it to you, I'm stressed. I put on a good front, but sometimes that isn't healthy. This does not mean that I am not enjoying the things I'm doing! I love what I am doing with the Wedding, Spring Sing, Gamma, etc... its just getting things done and deadlines that are stressful. And I guess you know your stressed if you find yourself crying in class for no reason... HA! That is also a phenomenon that I am figuring out about myself. I don't cry as much as I used to. If you talked to people that knew me in elementary-highschool they would tell you that I am an emotional person. Then college hit. I guess I was embarrassed that I cried all the time, so I wanted to get out of that habit. Now I'm to that unhealthy habit that I cry when I'm with specific people, Brock or my Mom (sorry guys), or when I have let something boil up I can't take it anymore. Have you ever seen the episode of Arrested Development where Gob wants to get emotional and tries to make himself cry but he can't? Well that has been happening to me lately. I'm telling myself I should cry in this moment, but I don't. Anyways its just funny to me. Guess you change right. I also sometimes get to emotionally attached to certain things. I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. I just don't like to see people get hurt.

On a lighter note, we are going to order the bridesmaid dresses soon! I love them :) They are exactly the color I was picturing and they are going to be long which I am surprised I really like! I have always been a fan of the short dresses, but this dress is so flattering long! I'm longing for that day more than anything :) Sometimes picturing that day and imagining my wonderful fiance standing in front of the gazebo looking at me with those eyes of love gets me through days like this. That will be the best day of my life. I can't wait to spend that day with the ones I love. God has blessed me tremendously. I could probably go on and write a novel of my thoughts, but I'll spare you all ;) Remember to love every day God gives you, even the bad ones, cause those days make you stronger if you choose to use them in that way.

Love to you all,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spring Sing Fever!

Tis the season for Spring Sing fever! Monday night we had 40 people try out for Spring Sing host and hostess. I will say that OC has some talented people on this campus! I now think that OC should start a variety show for the end of the year or like a Christmas special or something where people can showcase all their talent! The bad thing with Spring Sing is that I can showcase 8 people but not the whole bunch. It was really hard to turn away some people and I knew that time would come but it really stinks when you are faced with it. However, I am really excited for call backs tonight!! I have a good feeling about the group tonight. Amy Kelly and I have been talking and Earn Your Wings is her like her OC "Christmas" and Spring Sing is mine. At this stage I am shopping for my the best Christmas presents. By the end of the week I will have finally chose the perfect gifts "the host and hostesses".

Since I have Spring Sing fever, I have been constantly thinking about song choices. There are some really great songs out there that are TV and I"m ready for the audience to melt when they hear the sounds of some TV songs that take them back in time. I get chills thinking about it. I'm not going to unveil most of the songs till later, but I am always open to suggestions. There are going to be some great medleys. The club shows incorporate TV as well, so I'm excited for the shows to come together and liven up the stage!

We also got our pictures back from our first session! I can't wait to put them up so everyone can see :) I love them and they capture how happy Brock and I are. I watched our slideshow like 20 times and everytime I couldn't help but smile. We are best friends and it shows. It even has some kissing pics too! I know you all are excited... ha! But I just want you all to know that I feel so blessed that God has provided me with the perfect man for me. A man who loves me unconditionally, tells me I'm beautiful, loves me through all the craziness in my life, makes me smile and laugh, he never wants to leave me and I never want to leave him, my friends love him, and he is growing spiritually! So for all you girls out there... if you haven't found a man who does this for you don't give up and don't settle. He is out there where you least expect him. Be patient... You don't have to find your prince charming before you graduate, OC gives you that feeling but it isn't true. I saw on someone's facebook that in Oklahoma 100 marriage licenses were given out and 75 divorce papers were signed. That is a scary statistic.

Bridesmaid dresses are coming soon!!!! WOO! And Brock's birthday is Sunday! I'm really excited to give him my present. I think he will love it :) Tell him happy birthday!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sneak Peaks!

Here are some of our engagement pictures! They are some sneak peaks and I LOVE THEM!!!! Our photographer rocks and if any of you are looking for a good photographer Randy Coleman is your man! We are doing our last session next wednesday so hopefully we will have them by Christmas! Enjoy :)



The only semi serious picture he will probably get

Yeah baby! THUNDER UP! 

We like to match... but seriously

What we do best :) and the hat of course!

Well there they are! We love them and can't wait to see the rest of them! Hope you all are having a great week! Its homecoming week!!! WOO!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Man's Mind

Fall Break was amazing! It is exactly what I needed, to get away for a few days! We drove down to Houston Thursday night and got their about 1:30am. We made good time but by the 12:00am mark I could not keep my eyes open. Tara was asleep in the back and Brock had been driving the whole time and it was my job to stay awake and talk to him. I have found out that my body can't function past midnight anymore. Is this a sign of getting older? Great... But I was trying really hard to stay awake. Somehow my head would gravitate to the window and lean on it and fall asleep for a minute and then I would jolt awake and try talking to Brock and then my eyes would slowly close. It was a tough battle for an hour. But I made it and then we stayed up talking to Zach till about 3:00am! I guess once I get past 2:00am I am ok. I just don't understand how I could stay up till 3:00am on a daily basis my Freshman year. I guess Freshman are like superheroes and have this special ability to stay awake so late and talk on the computer to everyone... I don't know.

Well I discovered something about the mind of men on this trip. We went to a movie Saturday afternoon and we didn't eat lunch so I wanted some popcorn which means a pop as well. I gave Brock my credit card cause he told me to save seats and he would graciously wait in line to get me popcorn (how thoughtful that boy)! As I was walking back he asked me "do you want a small popcorn?" and I said..... "yes" (because we were eating dinner right after and I didn't want to spoil it). Well us girls went to save seats and here come the guys with the popcorn. Zach brings in a small popcorn and Brock brings in a LARGE popcorn and LARGE drink. What?? Didn't I say a small? I asked him why he got a large popcorn and he said...... "well it was a better deal." The usual phrase of men, it was a better deal. The funny thing is that it WASN'T a better deal because we only ate half of the popcorn and drank half of the drink and wasted the rest of it. So actually that 3 extra dollars that was spent for the "upgrade" was a waste. Men are just funny. I am not making fun of my love, I'm just stating that a man's mind is a funny one! :) Women have this mindset while shopping for clothing. You could be saving 20 dollars on an outfit, but you are still spending 40 dollars on the outfit and most likely in my case I shouldn't be spending that 40 dollars. But I feel good about it BECAUSE I SAVED 20 DOLLARS! It was a funny moment so I just had to share!

The rest of Fall Break was great! We had a great meal Saturday night that lasted about 3 hours... haha! it was like a 4 course meal! The meat didn't get done as quickly as we thought so we ate appetizers and salad and beans and then the meat! All the food was great though and I fell in love with the game Outburst. Thanks Zach and Amanda for letting us come down and see you guys for a couple of days!

Today I went in to make sure I can graduate and I CAN! That is so weird. I feel like I'm not old enough to graduate. I dont think it is real. OC has been my life FOREVER and its going to be weird to leave it behind. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to graduate and start my future but some anxieties come along with it.

THUNDER UPPPPPPP!!!! In three hours I will be watching the Thunder kick off their season! SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Engagement Pics :)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I haven't really been keeping up with the blog and I apologize... But Brock and I took our engagement pictures on Monday!!!! Oh man it was so much fun! I had been trying to decide what I was going to wear for a couple of weeks and then took my clothes over to his house and we decided (I decided... haha) what he should wear. Brock loves to match :) And he loves his clothes. He is such a handsome man! Anyways, we found some great outfits and we were ready!

So I skipped my last class of the day cause we had to leave at 4:30 and we get out of class at 5:00. And I needed to get ready, I wanted that time to relax and get all beautified! I listened to my wedding play list to get me in the mood. Luckily God blessed me with a good hair day and I was so grateful! Well Brock got there to pick me up and I forgot that I put lipgloss on and went in for a kiss and he pushed me away! WHAT! I was so ready to see that man and he rejects my kiss??? Oh yeah, I had my colored lipgloss on... he doesn't like that stuff cause if he kisses me it gets all over him and its "hard" to get off. It was pretty cute cause he didn't want to mess anything up before the pictures.

We got down to Randy's studio and showed him our clothing choices and we were on our way. We started with our dressy outfits and found this pretty cool silver wall. Now was the time where we didn't know what to do... ha! Randy told us to just be ourselves and he would capture the moments, well what he didn't know is that we aren't the true models like some of the people he shoots for, and we needed some help! HA! So he had some fun with us and got us in some fun poses and such. I even showed some PDA!!! Oh man Brock was so excited that I would kiss him on camera, this was a big milestone for me. I just haven't been that big into PDA cause I feel like everyone is judging you and saying "gross" behind your back or "get a room" and such. I'm getting better though. Who cares what people think right?! I love this man and I'm gonna show it by golly! Well we walked around a block stopping and taking pictures along the way. Randy told us to try a funny pose on this bike rack thing and after the picture he said "oh, that wasn't a very good idea..." HA! But that is the only one he said it on so I'm thinking our pictures are gonna be awesome. He is the best photographer!

Oh and don't worry folks! We took a picture dedicated to our matching Sperrys. I know you were all worried we didn't get that picture... but we did! So we tackled Downtown and in the next few weeks we are going to take some field pictures and some pics at OC. While we were shooting in Downtown it started to sprinkle and we were worried about it raining. Well we decided if it did start pouring down rain he would take our picture in the rain! YESSSS!!! Who doesn't want a romantic picture in the rain and kissing in the rain! Well we didn't get that shot, but he is so excited about getting that picture that we are going to watch the weather and when it rains we are gonna have some fun!

The advice that I would give about engagement pictures is that wear something you are comfortable in and won't worry about what it looks like in pictures. Also just have fun and enjoy being with the one you love. We are excited for people to see our love through our pictures. A question he asked us before we got started was "do you see your pictures more passionate or fun?" obviously we picked FUN cause that is who we are. We are too people that have fun together and love eachother so much! Of course we got some passionate pictures too :) Not too many though OK MOM... hahaha!

Sidenote: Yesterday I gave a chapel announcement about Host and Hostess auditions. Chapel announcements are the most nerve racking things... My heart was pounding so fast! But I put out 30 applications yesterday and all 30 were picked up! WOOO so excited for that to get started! Well on the same day I had Gamma club meeting, two Spring Sing meetings, and talked to mom about wedding stuff. It was a full day all across the board!

FALL BREAK IS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! I am heading to Houston with Brock and Tara to go see my soon to be brother and sister in law Zach and Amanda! I'm so excited to get to see them and to get away for a bit!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Phone

This weekend I decided to turn off my phone for Friday night and all day Saturday. I wanted a break from the world and just wanted to be with Brock and my family. A funny thing I realized is how dependent I am of the Iphone. Once I turned it off at precisely 6:30pm on Friday, 10 minutes later I picked it up and pushed the button to see if I had any emails or missed calls. Obviously it didn't turn on, but it was confirmed that my phone is my haven. I decided to do this because it seems like everytime I hang out with Brock my phone rings about 5 times or I get 10 emails or text messages about things. So I wanted a phone free weekend. Saturday was great cause I just enjoyed my day and didn't worry about anything. It was a very good detox from Rush and Greek Week! It was funny cause Brock and I went to Academy and split up in the store cause we were looking for different things. Then it took about 10 minutes to find eachother cause we were walking in circles and he couldn't call me. I guess the phone is good for those situations.

It is very sad that our generation has become so dependent on technology. It wasn't too long ago before we had phones and people just had to rely on time and or actually go over to the person's house they wanted to talk to. There was no easy way of texting, everything was more personal. I do admit that the Iphone saves me in instances like email. I do get many emails a day and it is nice to keep up with it on the phone. But for some reason i tend to pick it up and look at it even when i don't have anything new to look at. It has become habit. I encourage you to challenge yourself to turn off your phones for the day. See how you feel and how freeing it is!

Yesterday we went to Gailardia and saw a wedding all set up. It was so pretty and Brock and I are ready for it to be here! I just sat in the reception hall dreaming up what our lay out would look like. It was funny seeing all the people in action getting everything ready. I heard the wedding planner say "there is no tux for the FOB from tuxedo junction" 1 hour before the wedding... oops! Everything was so beautiful and it was a gorgeous night! It was just very elegant and breath taking. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Happens

Good morning Blog World! Welcome to Greek Week :)

Flash back to this last weekend...
As we were getting ready for induction and all the festivities it became a very hectic week last week. All details needed to be perfect so our little rushees would have the BEST induction weekend! Well I got hit back to reality early Saturday morning. As I was driving back to my apartment I got to that stop sign by enterprise Square and quickly looked left and right, didn't see anyone coming, then BAM! There was a car perfectly positioned where those big Electrical Boxes are when I looked left so I didn't see it. So we smacked fenders and I felt like the world crashed down for an hour. I felt stupid and sooooo bad that I just tore up this girl's (Emmalee Mattern) car. But God is good and no one was hurt and if I would have gunned it at the stop it could have been a lot worse. We are both Ok and that is all that matters. I needed a good cry anyways so I guess the Lord provided for that as well :) He always provides.

Well induction was great and could not have been any better! I'm so proud of my Rush Directors because they did such a fantastic job. Now I am so excited for Greek Week because I LOVE MY GAMMA FAMILY!!!!

We are really cute, funny, smart, athletic, weird, and awesome! I love it! Our family is the Morgan family and we love each other! Our new sisters are Callie White and Sarah Walton! I could not be a prouder Mama Morgan! Here are some pictures of us :)

If you see two cute girls wearing orange sunflowers in their hair then that is them! You girls are beautiful! We are missing one sister in our picture and that is Summer Sinclair! We missed you this weekend! 

Last night my mom and I spoke at the mother/daughter banquet at Quest! I was so tired from the weekend and emotionally drained that I was a little worried I would not be able to deliver a very good speech, but it went really well! Then we get to the end and my mom almost made it through her part and then broke out the tears... great then came my tears and I still had to talk about Brock and how great of a man he is and how my mom loves him. I also had to quote Carrie Underwood's song Mama's Song which was a set up for tears anyway. But everyone loved it and it was a lot of fun. I love my Mama!

I'll leave you with a picture of all the lovely Gamma girls!!! 

And here is my rush class! We are finally Seniors and it feels weird. I love them so much! We love to have fun :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email Master

So today started my first big chain of emails with the wonderful Bob Lashley! We were trying to figure out dates for Host and Hostess auditions and it turned into a 15 long email chain about places, dates, and times! Oh I am so excited for all of this Spring Sing madness to start! Sorry Bob for flooding your inbox today... but I guess you are used to it. The other day at Fanfare they gave him a special tribute because this was his last year to direct it, and I got to thinking that I was going to have to do that for Spring Sing. I almost started to cry during Fanfare... I preapologize to everyone in the audience Saturday night because I may be an emotional mess! I will most likely hand over the microphone to Henson and he will do the tribute cause I don't think I could make it through. Speaking of getting emotional, I saw the music video of Carrie Underwood's song "Mama's Song" and I got real emotional just sitting there in the dentist chair. I kept saying in my head "Meagan don't you dare cry, this dentist is going to think you are crazy." How embarrassing... It is about how a mom is giving her daughter away and she is saying she shouldn't worry because he is good, so good, and he treats me like a princess. Then it flashes to the wedding and the mom sitting there holding a scrapbook and that song just descibes my mom and I! Oh man, this mother daughter banquet could potentially be rough if we talk about that stuff... So I think we are going to stick to the light hearted stories! haha!

I also heard the Cheers theme song the other day in a chapel talk and I started getting chills because that is one of our group songs for spring sing! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! Amy Leming- the band director, also turned around in her seat and said "I'm so excited right now." It's gonna be a great show! I'm excited to get started, but I'm also excited for it to be a little bit away.

Voting is now over! And........

248 days till our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Productive Week!

This week was very productive! First I will talk about wedding stuff...
1. I bought my dress!!! It is officially mine now! 
2. We now have a theme for the wedding... Vintage Chic :) We got this theme from my dress. I guess it is true that the dress is the center piece and you work around it! We have my lanterns in and we went to buy some fabric to drape around it and it looks real nice! 
3. Macy and I played with her color swatches of paint. Here is what the colors will be
This is all the colors together. 

This will be Brock! He will have a dark grey suit with a light gray shirt with an ivory tie and a yellow flower. He is going to look sooooo handsome :)

This will be the whole wedding party. I will be in ivory, the bridesmaids will be in coral with yellow bouquets, the groomsmen will be in dark grey suits with with an ivory shirt or light grey shirt with a coral tie and a yellow flower. 

I'm really excited about all of this! I love all these colors and I can start to see everything play out in my head. Is it really 8 months away???

Now I am starting to realize something... My ring is apart of me now. Whenever I don't have it on because I take it off to play volleyball or bake I freak out because it feels like I have lost it. Yesterday I took it off cause we went to garden at this school and I forgot to put it back on. We went to the mall and I felt like I was naked the whole time!!!! I had to go back to the apartment and put it back on before we went to fanfare after that. Then the world was back to normal. Here are some pics from our Photographer Randy Coleman! He took some pics of the ring and they are amazing!!!

I love my ring :) Thanks Brock for picking such an amazing ring and making it so unique! My man knows me and my style!

Next is Rush! We had such a great week of Rush! Saturday was 80s Rock night, Tuesday was slip n slide, Thursday was Volleyball, and Friday was Speed Dating. God has blessed us with such a great rush class! I'm so happy that I have gotten to meet all these girls! Here are some pics throughout the week. Enjoy!
I love my Morgan family! Can't wait to add to our family tree :)

yeah we are hardcore...

GAMMA!!! I love you all

These girls made the cutest shirts! Even attempted drawing a little orange at the bottom :)

Slip n Slide!!!!! So fun!

Ok this is really long... SORRYYYY!