Saturday, December 11, 2010

Study Break

Well it is the Saturday before finals and I want to take a quick break and tell you some thoughts.

-Yesterday I had my last official college class... WEIRD! I don't really know what to think about this. Part of me is REALLY EXCITED, and part of me is a little nervous about this. Life is starting so soon for me. Can this really be happening? Am I really student teaching next semester?

- Friday was also my first "teacher christmas." My little ones in the homeschool co op brought me some goodies and sonic gift cards! THANK YOU! They have no idea how much I needed that. I am on the go so much that I never have time to go buy food and make it, so I'm always at sonic, or taco bell, or chick fil a... yeah no wedding diet for me! Luckily I haven't really gained anything. Brock and I try to keep working out, but we haven't been keeping it up to good lately. Next semester will be more difficult too, so Im just gonna go back to the good ol Ab Ripper!

- I have no motivation for finals at all... and i have two essay finals this semester, BOO! I'm not good at those... but we will see how that goes.

- Ever feel like God puts you in situations where you have to grow up really fast? Yeah I have felt like that all semester. I'm totally ok with it because I feel like I have always been more grown up for my age, but this year there have been some definite growing experiences.

- This semester has been such a great one! I have had so many fun times with Brock, Gamma, friends, family, and Spring Sing. Now I get to add student teaching into the mix for next semester. I'm so ready to teach. It actually is a destresser for me.

- I get married in less than 6 months and I will have dated my fiance for two years on the 19th!!!!

Well there are my thoughts! Live Laugh Love :)

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  1. You'll love student teaching! Brody really enjoyed it because he has his nights free with not much homework. I know what you mean about God putting you in situations where you have to grow up faster. I feel like I've grown more in the 6 months I've been out of college than my whole four years there! But you only learn thru experience. Good luck girl! Have a very relaxing break! Love u