Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email Master

So today started my first big chain of emails with the wonderful Bob Lashley! We were trying to figure out dates for Host and Hostess auditions and it turned into a 15 long email chain about places, dates, and times! Oh I am so excited for all of this Spring Sing madness to start! Sorry Bob for flooding your inbox today... but I guess you are used to it. The other day at Fanfare they gave him a special tribute because this was his last year to direct it, and I got to thinking that I was going to have to do that for Spring Sing. I almost started to cry during Fanfare... I preapologize to everyone in the audience Saturday night because I may be an emotional mess! I will most likely hand over the microphone to Henson and he will do the tribute cause I don't think I could make it through. Speaking of getting emotional, I saw the music video of Carrie Underwood's song "Mama's Song" and I got real emotional just sitting there in the dentist chair. I kept saying in my head "Meagan don't you dare cry, this dentist is going to think you are crazy." How embarrassing... It is about how a mom is giving her daughter away and she is saying she shouldn't worry because he is good, so good, and he treats me like a princess. Then it flashes to the wedding and the mom sitting there holding a scrapbook and that song just descibes my mom and I! Oh man, this mother daughter banquet could potentially be rough if we talk about that stuff... So I think we are going to stick to the light hearted stories! haha!

I also heard the Cheers theme song the other day in a chapel talk and I started getting chills because that is one of our group songs for spring sing! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! Amy Leming- the band director, also turned around in her seat and said "I'm so excited right now." It's gonna be a great show! I'm excited to get started, but I'm also excited for it to be a little bit away.

Voting is now over! And........

248 days till our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Productive Week!

This week was very productive! First I will talk about wedding stuff...
1. I bought my dress!!! It is officially mine now! 
2. We now have a theme for the wedding... Vintage Chic :) We got this theme from my dress. I guess it is true that the dress is the center piece and you work around it! We have my lanterns in and we went to buy some fabric to drape around it and it looks real nice! 
3. Macy and I played with her color swatches of paint. Here is what the colors will be
This is all the colors together. 

This will be Brock! He will have a dark grey suit with a light gray shirt with an ivory tie and a yellow flower. He is going to look sooooo handsome :)

This will be the whole wedding party. I will be in ivory, the bridesmaids will be in coral with yellow bouquets, the groomsmen will be in dark grey suits with with an ivory shirt or light grey shirt with a coral tie and a yellow flower. 

I'm really excited about all of this! I love all these colors and I can start to see everything play out in my head. Is it really 8 months away???

Now I am starting to realize something... My ring is apart of me now. Whenever I don't have it on because I take it off to play volleyball or bake I freak out because it feels like I have lost it. Yesterday I took it off cause we went to garden at this school and I forgot to put it back on. We went to the mall and I felt like I was naked the whole time!!!! I had to go back to the apartment and put it back on before we went to fanfare after that. Then the world was back to normal. Here are some pics from our Photographer Randy Coleman! He took some pics of the ring and they are amazing!!!

I love my ring :) Thanks Brock for picking such an amazing ring and making it so unique! My man knows me and my style!

Next is Rush! We had such a great week of Rush! Saturday was 80s Rock night, Tuesday was slip n slide, Thursday was Volleyball, and Friday was Speed Dating. God has blessed us with such a great rush class! I'm so happy that I have gotten to meet all these girls! Here are some pics throughout the week. Enjoy!
I love my Morgan family! Can't wait to add to our family tree :)

yeah we are hardcore...

GAMMA!!! I love you all

These girls made the cutest shirts! Even attempted drawing a little orange at the bottom :)

Slip n Slide!!!!! So fun!

Ok this is really long... SORRYYYY! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day of Annoyance

Today I had a day of annoyance...
One of those days that EVERYTHING annoys you for no good reason
Text messages, people, class, life... Everything! Just one of those moody days. (disclaimer: if you texted me today or saw me today I wasn't annoyed with you, I was just annoyed with the day.)
Usually these days start out this way with something that annoys you
Here is what started my day off... I woke up to a text message 30 minutes before I was supposed to get up. This text message was from Neil Arter saying "Stay away from the Christian church on Boulevard". Thanks Neil...For those of you that don't know the story, I took pumpkins from that church Freshman year and smashed them and got in trouble by the police and Neil. (this was my only rebellious act, and of course I get caught) . So that has been a really big joke the past few years. But I couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up. Then I get to Biology and we had a lab which means we couldn't get out as early as usual. Then had to go to Freshman chapel and it went forever and I almost didn't have time to finish my homework for the 1:30 class... And I just wasn't in a people mood! Has this ever happened to you? The only person I wanted to see was Brock, and I couldn't even see him for very long! It was just one of those frustrating/ annoying days. My roommates let me scream in the apartment to get all my frustrations out, I love them. I finally got to see my fiance and the world was ok for those few moments. He is my escape from everything. Just wanted to share this day with everyone, thanks for my therapeutic blogging session.

In other words, I'm excited for all the Rush events to start tomorrow!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yes To The Dress

TODAY I FOUND MY DRESSSSSS!!!!!! I can't believe this is real! I love it so much and it took trying on about 12 dresses to make my decision. I went to Bella Rose first and found a dress that I love, but I wanted to go to another place just so I could be sure. So this morning we went to Morielles (I don't know how to spell or say it) and I tried on about 5 dresses there and there was one I loved but I wasn't too sure. The other dress was in my mind the whole time and this other dress was completely different. So we went BACK to Bella Rose and tried on the dress I loved and we decided that it was THE ONE!!!! I had all my friends and close family meet me there to so I could get the approval of the crowd! And everyone loved it :) We even had some teary moments and it was just perfect. I can just picture it now, walking down the isle with my amazing dress and looking into the eyes of the man I love! And also having my bridesmaids in this awesome dress, it was also at the same place where my dress is from. I know I am doing all of this really quickly... but after this semester I am not going to have any time at all so we want to do it now when we have some time. I'm just so happy right now! I CAN'T WAIT TILL JUNE 4TH!

Now I'm off to our Rock n Rho rush event with chi! I'll post some pictures soon. I'm sporting this awesome sequence sweater.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take that Jillian!

So Brock and I have been working out every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00am for 3 weeks. Yes we have stuck to it and it has paid off! Many people think you should go to Jillian Michaels to lose weight... I say NOOOOO!!! I don't like people who constantly yell at you to motivate you, those people make me want to stop and cry because I'm not good enough... So i did Jillian Michaels once (and i didn't even make it all the way through cause I got mad and just watched the last half of the workout). So now I have my own plan and I lost 4 pounds in a week by eating good and running every Tuesday and Thursday. So TAKE THAT JILLIAN!!! I can do it without you!

BOOOOO, Sorry to you Jillian Fans... If it worked for you thats great! Just not a fan

Sidenote- I went to a wedding dress store to get a card and just glance and I didn't really see anything I liked... So I have come to the conclusion that wedding dresses look horrible of the hanger when they are all  smashed together! I was a little dissapointed... BUT I might be trying on dresses tomorrow or Friday just to see what style I like! I don't think I will buy one because I want to look at a lot of different places but who knows... I might find the dress of my dreams and the sale of a lifetime!

Not pretty... But pretty on!

I got my ring cleaned yesterday and it is SOOO sparkly... I mean Jordan stopped in mid sentence cause she couldn't stop looking at it! Tomorrow I am going to Randy Coleman's studio because he wants to take pictures of the ring with his new lens he got just for rings! WOOOO! Be looking for new ring pics soon :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rush Rush Rush!

These next couple of weeks are going to be centered around RUSH!!! I love Rush, so many exciting things go on. We started out with Club Night on Tuesday and I had to give a speech... If you know me, one of my secret fears is giving speeches. So I had it all planned out and it was going to be straight from the heart and I will be done. Well guess who are the two people going in front of me... CHI and DELTA, two of the funniest speeches of the night. Awesome... BUT I had a good rebuttal to Jacob's "I hate" speech. He hates rainbows and doesn't understand what we represent, but in my speech I told him exactly what we represent, UNITY! That was pretty funny, but anyways I was glad to get that over. Then after the speeches were over the cafe turned into a mad room of chaos... It was literally a jungle. I talked to many girls about rushing and I was so excited that so many girls were very interested! The problem was you couldn't hear anything they were saying and I felt like my voice raised 5 tone levels of happiness when I was talking. Sometimes that happens and I don't know why... so sorry about that people. Anyways I was glad to get Club Night out of the way and on to Masquerade.

Masquerade was tons of fun and all the girls looked FABULOUS! We had the first closed rush event so many of the girls came but it was great because we had plenty of food and we wanted to meet all of them. The only problem was that is was so hot at the beginning. As I was making my way down the line when the girls were getting there name tags I could feel the awkward sweat starting to drip down my body. Thats always great when you are trying to meet new people and make a good impression. As I was hugging everyone I was praying that no one thought "ewww this girl has a problem", but luckily I was not the only one sweating. As the night went on it got cooler and it felt great outside! I didn't get to eat much food cause I was socializing, but it looked great! As the last person walked out the door my whole body went into shut down mode. It was telling me "Ok Meagan, you have worked really hard these last three hours and I'm sorry to say but the face muscles can't take anymore smiling, we are even starting to cramp up and the voice is getting alittle tired as well. How about we go back to the apartment and just lay down for a bit." So I did that and boy did my body thank me! I couldn't move for an hour! But it was all worth it! The funny thing is that I tried to take a nap before Masquerade but this is what happens when I actually decide to take a nap

1. I get more text messages in that span of time than I get all day
2. I get more phone calls than I have all day
3. The maintance man decides to ring the doorbell and check our shower for fun
4. My roommates come in during that time
5. And my email doubles from the time I attempt to fall asleep to the time I decide to get up

So naps don't really like me very well. Sometimes it gets quite frustrating... so I just decided that after the maintenance man rang the doorbell my attempt for a nap was now over. So I answered all my text messages and emails and started getting ready... Story of my life!

I'm going to leave you with a picture of my roommates and I. I love that we are split between Gamma and Theta. It shows that no matter what club, you can always be best friends :) Remember that girls that are rushing, its ok to go into a different club than your friend. You should go were YOU fit best. If they are truly your friends, they will always be there for you!

I love them :) and do you love our shirts? Yeah... I designed them!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best MOH, Cakes, and Innocence of a Child

So I just want it to be known that I have the best MOH (maid of honor) in the WORLD!! While I was gone this weekend she fed my dog, went to a wedding and took pictures of it cause I couldn't be there, and is already talking about all the parties we are going to have. I also have the bestest friends who went with her and did all these things. God has blessed me with AMAZING people in my life that are going to make this year so much easier for me. She is also my secretary so if you can't get a hold of me then give her a call :)

There she is in all her beauty! Love you!!!

This weekend we went to Wichita for Peyton's (my new niece) birthday party! While we were there Brianne and I got to talk about cakes and I think we nailed down the look and display of the wedding cakes!!! And oh man... it's gonna be the best display you have ever seen!! One big cake in the middle with three tiered on each side and then another two tiered cake next to it. Oh yeah... Brianne can do ANYTHING! And I saw her cake for the fair this week and all I have to say is..... A DEFINITE First place. When she puts up pictures you will see how talented she is. So I am dedicating the cake room to Brianne by calling it "Brianneland". Can't wait to see it June 4th!!!

This is the cake that she made for Peyton's birthday! So cute!!!

This weekend I fell more in love with my soon to be nieces. Baylee is a teenage stuck in a 3 year old's body, she is so smart! And Peyton is just soooo funny! She has these faces that come out of no where and she is starting to say so many words now. One thing I love about both of them is their innocence. Did you ever watch "Kid's say the darnest things?" That was one of my favorite TV shows cause I love hearing all the funny things kid's say. Well this weekend we were playing with the girls and Brock came and layed down on the couch and I sat next to him. Baylee was starting to get mad cause I left her for just one minute to go say hi to Brock. Well she kept saying "Meagannnnn come over here and play with me!" I said "just a minute Baylee, I'm talking to uncle Brock" (who was Brockasaurus at the time cause we were playing animals). Well she did not want to wait and said "Brockasaurus, can you please GET OFF Meagan so she can play with me..." Brock and I looked at eachother and just busted out laughing! Obviously he was not on top of me but the circumstances were just really funny. Aunt Tara and Grammy were calling Brock a brat today with Baylee there so I'm waiting to see how long it takes for Baylee to pick up that word! Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Peyton loves horses so we went to their good friend's house, the Hellers, and rode their horses. This one's name is Rocky. It was so cute cause Baylee got on with Peyton, who was a little nervous about the horses, and said "don't worry Peyton, I'm right behind you!" What a good big sis :)

These are the cutest girls EVER!! Peyton is on the left and Baylee is on the right.

Tara, or Tares as Baylee says, and I have the same watch so we did a little posing session with them!

And Aunt Kathy also had one too (from Tara) so she joined in on our pictures!

Love Them! Baylee loves her "CHEESE" face.

And here is the love of my life. Another great thing that happened this weekend just happened out of fate I believe. I love it when God creates little moments that you leave thinking... wow that actually happened! We went to Blockbuster and were at the register checking out the movie "That Thing You Do" (great movie). I randomly looked down and sitting on the counter directly below me was a fortune from a fortune cookie. And this is what the fortune said "Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you". I read it and it put the biggest smile on my face! The fortune was right! Brock was standing right next to me and God sent him to me to fulfill me with the happiness I need. HE is my happiness! It was just a good reminder that things are so simple in life. The happiness I have always been searching for was right next to me! I love the little things in life like this. Sometimes you just need little reminders to keep you straight :) And this reminder now hangs on my bulletin board in my room!

9 months!!!!! I love you :) 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Differences of Senior Year

So this past week I have already noticed some differences to Senior Year...
1. My whole apartment goes to bed by 11 (including myself)
2. I haven't eaten in the cafe all week... not even chicken Monday
3. I feel like I don't know half of the people at OC
4. My classes are SIGNIFICANTLY easier than last year (just like highschool) God is so good
5. I sit in a different section at chapel (didn't change sections till now, Freshman like our seats apparently)
6. I cook/eat in my apartment more
7. My friends are beginning to work more
8. I don't watch much TV... ever!
9. I have more papers and organizers this year. More than any other year
10. And I'm not dreading graduation, I'm looking forward to it

So there are some of my top things that I have already noticed about this year. It's crazy! The people that told me 4 years will fly by fast were right. I'm teaching a Freshman Seminar class and I love it because I can reflect on my Freshman year (which will always be my favorite year/ excluding Vienna, but I don't count that as an OC semester). My poor kids in my class think I'm crazy though. Yesterday was our first class and I just went in so many different directions because I was excited to talk about all these different things! I mean I am living vicariously through them (and mostly my brother). Involvement is a BIG thing to me (really??) so I am going to push that into every mind in my class.

Side note: I had my first class of Senior Philosophy yesterday with Peter Paton... Man that guy is smart. Smarter than I ever want to be! I just feel like I'm going to sit there for two hours and pretend to pay attention while practicing writing my new name (Meagan Lytton) all over the notes. Hopefully he will not make us turn in our notes. That would be embarrassing. I can't quite get the perfect cursive "L" down yet. Jordan is helping me so by the time June 4th rolls around I can sign that Marriage license with confidence!

First homeschool class tomorrow! My official teacherness is finally coming out!