Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email Master

So today started my first big chain of emails with the wonderful Bob Lashley! We were trying to figure out dates for Host and Hostess auditions and it turned into a 15 long email chain about places, dates, and times! Oh I am so excited for all of this Spring Sing madness to start! Sorry Bob for flooding your inbox today... but I guess you are used to it. The other day at Fanfare they gave him a special tribute because this was his last year to direct it, and I got to thinking that I was going to have to do that for Spring Sing. I almost started to cry during Fanfare... I preapologize to everyone in the audience Saturday night because I may be an emotional mess! I will most likely hand over the microphone to Henson and he will do the tribute cause I don't think I could make it through. Speaking of getting emotional, I saw the music video of Carrie Underwood's song "Mama's Song" and I got real emotional just sitting there in the dentist chair. I kept saying in my head "Meagan don't you dare cry, this dentist is going to think you are crazy." How embarrassing... It is about how a mom is giving her daughter away and she is saying she shouldn't worry because he is good, so good, and he treats me like a princess. Then it flashes to the wedding and the mom sitting there holding a scrapbook and that song just descibes my mom and I! Oh man, this mother daughter banquet could potentially be rough if we talk about that stuff... So I think we are going to stick to the light hearted stories! haha!

I also heard the Cheers theme song the other day in a chapel talk and I started getting chills because that is one of our group songs for spring sing! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! Amy Leming- the band director, also turned around in her seat and said "I'm so excited right now." It's gonna be a great show! I'm excited to get started, but I'm also excited for it to be a little bit away.

Voting is now over! And........

248 days till our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. CHEERS was a song in Spring Sing 1986! That's not when I was a hostess, but Penny Eubank was! How cool.

  2. I love you my little girl - and yes I shed a tear reading this post. I am so thankful you found your prince - and I love him too!!!