Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beginning of the End

As I sit here trying to calm my brain of all the activity going on in it I thought I would write a little blog post to clear my mind. Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. The beginning of the last semester I will be at OC. The beginning of student teaching, Gamma, and Spring Sing. Today it hit me that everyone use to say "Oh you are doing ALL those things??" And I would reply "Yeah but its no big deal because next semester will be the hardest..." Oh look, tomorrow is the "next semester!!!!!" Whoa! Time sure does go by fast. But to be honest I am ready for it. I am anxiously awaiting what this semester holds. I am ready for two Spring Sing meetings tomorrow, Rush this week, plus wedding things that pop up from time to time! If I can get past this week then we are clear for take off. The funny thing is that I'll sit here and think of things I should be doing, then I'll try to sleep and my mind goes there again, and all this time I have done everything I need to do, but I feel like I should be doing something! I guess that is a good problem to have rather than being behind. I would like for you guys to pray for me. I know that God is watching over me this semester and I can already feel the prayers of people. There is nothing like the power of prayer, and I will need it this semester!

On another note, Break was fantastic! I wish I could do it all over again. I don't want it to end!!!! But Brock and I are taking the positive and saying "now that it is the semester it is that much closer to the wedding!" People, it is less than 4 months now! CRAZY! We were registering in Dillards the other day and went to the furniture section and found ourselves in the bed and mattress section. We tried different types of mattresses to see what we liked the best and it hit me. Oh my goodness I'm gonna be living with this man so soon! I seriously can't wait. Its just those funny realizations that you might think "shouldn't she have already realized that..." But sometimes things just like to hit you in different times. We also tried Queen vs. King. Now, many of you have told us get the King and you won't regret it! Well, we were thinking that originally, until we tried it. For one, a King is huge and I feel like I am across the canyon from him. I know we aren't gonna want to cuddle the whole night but still, I feel like I am lost! So I think we are going for a Queen first. We don't know where we are going to live, and it could be an apartment so we don't want the bed to take up the whole room. I mean my parents have always slept on a Queen, so I think we can too. Thoughts?

Well here we go folks! this is where the blog posts are gonna get crazy so be sure to tune in!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shooting the Gun

Well Sunday started the marathon of REGISTERING! Brock and I were so excited to get started and find things for our future home. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond first and let me tell you their store name does not lie! EVERYTHING is in that store... I can't help but think of the scene in "click it" with adam sandler when he finds the magic remote in the "Beyond" section. Anyways, there were about 4 couples there at the same time and it was kind of madness. I felt sorry for the registry girl cause she was swamped! We wanted to just get the basics so we made her job easy. We got the gun and the future was in our hands. Where to begin???? We decided to start with the knives and cookware. There was a happiness in the air and we started shooting so many things. We got knives, a food processor, quesadilla maker, toaster, and blender! Then we went over to the utensils... I think we spent about and hour in this section. Who knew there were so many gadgets to pick from. Which is the best? Do I really need that? Will I ever use that? These are boring cause there are no colors. Brock, why do we need that? "Because you never know..." Oh my after this section it was like all our air was knocked out of us. The fun started to dwindle, I started asking myself "why am I here again?" Brock had the look on his face of "I don't care anymore just click the button." We were now in a daze. Then we went to the next section, silverware. Of course the one thing of silverware we agreed on wasn't on the shelf. Well that was a waste... placemats, serving bowls, serving plates. Ok now we moved over to the bedding. Here is where we have NO IDEA what color we want in the bedroom. So we skipped that stage. Next, bathroom. Oh wait we have no idea about the colors either! so we skipped that... Anyways we spent most of our 2 hours in the kitchen area. One thing I wish Bed, Bath, and Beyond would do is put cute colored utensils there. Everything is black, silver, or white. Come on people! Live it up a little bit! I have also looked at our registry many times online and I have dreamed about it.... So people getting ready for this, be prepared!

Last night we went to Target. Now this experience wasn't as bad. We know the colors for the kitchen so that part was easy. We got games, tv series (dexter for Brock), tools, kitchen stuff, and then we FINALLY PICKED OUR BATHROOM COLORS! ha, but we are going with the neutral brown, gold, and ivory, and then add an accent color when we know what our bedding will be. That was a good thing to knock off the list. I want to go with neutral colors so some day when we want to change it up we can change one color instead of the whole thing. Target also gives you a cute goody basket filled with coupons and it has cute birds on the package.

Next we are going to brave Dillards or JCPennys. This is where I can get my cute fix. They have all the utensils and serving sets in color and fun things! I'm excited about that one. We are going to look at both and see which store has the best prices and best selection! What do you guys think? Which is better?

Tips on registering: Have fun, go prepared, no that you will spend about 2 or more hours in Bed Bath and Beyond, get things you REALLY want (don't just shoot the gun for fun cause people will buy you whatever is on the list...), if you fight with your fiance about a certain object that you don't agree on either move on or agree to disagree!

Brock did a great job! We really didn't fight much which is good. Just don't ask him about a ladder... :)