Monday, August 30, 2010

My Last FIRST day of college...

So today was my last first day of college! It went pretty well but today gave me a quick overview of how my life is going to be like. I'll start from 8:00am
8:00- set up for summer singer concert
9:00- Biology 1
11:00- Chapel (salt and light chapel... gets me every time)
11:45- play summer singer show under the pavilion
12:45- pack up equipment
1:30- Senior Bible class- (sidenote) This class is going to make me debate most of the time... If you know me, you know I hate to debate. I just don't like it. I did realize today that I am a "realist" because I don't think deeply about many subjects. I don't go searching for the truth because I believe the truth is Jesus and that he died on the cross for all of us and we are to live as he commanded us. If we mess up, we repent and ask for forgiveness. I don't know all the different theologies of religion, and I don't know what religion is the "true" religion. I just believe in one God, and that he created the earth and you and me. And thats my story! But I am excited to hear different points of view. I think this class will be very interesting.

2:30- make Gamma video
3:30- Literacy 4
5:30- Freshmen Seminar meeting
7:00- Open House night for the Homeschool program
8:00- Morgan Monday! ( had sonic with my gamma family! I just love them)
9:30- Fiance came over for an hour cause I hadn't really seen him all day

So that was my first day. But today Neil Arter told me something that I really appreciated. I came in the office to interview him for this Gamma video, and he told me "Meagan you are going to have a crazy year, but I have no doubt that you are going to be great at all of these things." That was a good pick me up during the day! I know that I can accomplish all these things, and it was nice to hear someone say that he believed in me. So thanks Neil!

Tuesday and Thursday are my off days (meaning only one class!!!!) so I am going to cherish that tomorrow! Brock and I are getting up at 6:00am to work out so I better get to sleep...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last EYW concert

So tonight was my last EYW Summer Singer concert. It's weird to think that I will most likely never go back to EYW or sing on that amazing stage ever again... a little depressing! But none the less, it was a good end to the summer or singing! The sounds was AWESOME in there and once we sang the first note of "Carry On My Wayward Son" I got chills and thought "WOW!!!" Here are some pics throughout my last summer of Summer Singers!

Waldemar: I will miss you

the usual Meagan stance... Always jumping holding my hand up! Oh yeah, and Keith is in a Banana Suit

These boys are two of my favorite people. I'm gonna miss Sam being DJ in the van, his deep talks about life, and all his sayings that we end up saying (that's real nice, Oh No!, things I like...) . I'm gonna miss Keith's sarcasm, prayers before shows, interesting dance moves in the van, and the Keith and Sam deep head nod. So many memories! These boys started my nickname of "Branch" as well, and for three years it stuck!

I'm so awesome... my sweat looks like lips

Well I had a great summer... NOW BRING ON THE SCHOOL YEAR! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons I am excited about School starting

1. Seeing everyone
2. Having a Routine... I need a routine
4. Having time to workout... gotta get that wedding body (but not the jillian michaels way, she scares me)
5. Playing Flag Football
7. Host and Hostess auditions (this will be interesting being on the other side of this, now i'm the one picking... weird)
8. Power walking all over campus from meeting to meeting (I pre-apologize if I walk right past you and quickly say hi and not much more! That means I'm on a mission.) Who doesn't enjoy a great power walk??
9. Giving a chapel announcement about Spring Sing (let's be real... its everyone's dream to give a chapel announcement)
10. Getting to teach little children!

Top Ten Reasons I am excited about Graduating

1. NO MORE SCHOOL (now i will be on the teaching end)
2. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! Yes... I earned my ring... haha (quote dedicated to Michael Newberry and Corey Pless since they read my blog)
3. Finally time to learn how to cook! I'm gonna be really good... I mean I have my mother's genes
4. Time to read books I actually WANT to read
5. Having my own classroom (knock on wood cause job market is scarce)
6. Having my own place to live with my HUSBAND!
7. Decorating our own place and having many projects
8. Having time to watch TV
9. Less stress
10. No TWS! I get to create my own short lesson plans... YES!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1:00 am Walmart Run

Brock and I headed to Wichita to see his family on Saturday after my Gamma Retreat! (Also, Gamma officer retreat was awesome!!! I am so thankful for all those girls and I could not be any more excited about Gamma this year! So get ready all you Rhos... this is going to be the best year yet!! And we also talked for like 3 hours and with no food and little sleep, at about 2 hours and 45 minutes my brain is totally fried... haha Kayla and I were standing in line to get our lunch at the house and we both had nothing more to say. We both just looked at eachother and said, "well my head is spinning and I just need food!"But everything we talked about was so important and the ideas are just awesome!)

Anyways... We get to his parents house and they all greet us and when we go upstairs they left us little presents! Sandy made us shirts that said "Meagan's Fiance" and "Brock's Fiancee"! I learned that the girl version of fiancee has two e's. (you learn something everyday...) Sandy made a WONDERFUL meal and I got to officially ask my future nieces to be the flower girls! They are the cutest girls you have ever seen! Now that I am officially going to be their aunt I think they love me even more now. It is really funny cause Baylee (oldest niece) now says that I am going to be her aunt all the time and always wants me to hold her. Then you have Peyton (youngest niece) that also wants you to hold her if you are holding her sister! So at church I attempted to hold both of them and it worked for about a minute but I soon realized that to be SUPER AUNT I need to probably work out a little more... haha so girls I'll be doin my push ups just for you! I also got to officially ask Brianne to be the cake baker as well, which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT! She is so talented and I just found out that there is an amazing spot where the cakes go at Gaillardia and it is pretty much going to be the Brianne room! All her beautiful art work and designs are going to be displayed under the tool arch over looking the gazebo in the ballroom. Hope you are excited Bri!! We had a consultation about the cakes that night as well! I never knew there were so many different types of cakes. I quickly found out that I need to do more research on this and decide on what I like! Don't worry Bri, I'm on it!

Later that night when we thought we were going to bed, I was looking through my clothes are realized that I had forgot my skirt for church the next morning. GREAT! (maybe because I got to my room, took a super fast shower, attempted something of a hairdo, threw things in my bag, and ran out the door!) So I told Brock that I had no clothes for church and he sweetly said "well, looks like we are going to Walmart!" He had no quick remark, no sarcasm, no sighes, no rolling of the eyes, no whines... and I thought, wait... what's wrong with him! Mostly because I was mad cause I was running low on sleep and I knew I had the skirt in my hand and I must have set it down for 1 second and left it, and I wanted to look cute for church cause it was like announcement day where you see everyone and show the ring. I was more frustrated at myself and wanted someone to make fun of me, but it didn't happen. Brock is just the best. I literally am spoiled by that man cause he would do anything for me. Oh and it is 1:00 IN THE MORNING! So we get in his car, go to walmart, and there are no black skirts available. Then I find a black dress that is t-shirt material, comfy, little bit of an awkward length, 12 dollars, SOLD! The funny thing is that it actually is a pretty cute dress. No one knew the difference the next morning. So thankyou Wally World for staying open 24 hours! If not for you I would be going to church in my shorts and a t-shirt and people would be looking at me saying "really, you are marrying this girl..." But no! Walmart hit me up with style!

Today I met with the Gaillardia people and I will write about that soon! Just saying though... THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!! Ok done for now! BYE

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lord I apologize

Lord I apologize for looking at my shiny ring during church service... Maybe you should tell your ministers to lose all the lights that shine off my ring. BUT thank you for giving me a wonderful FIANCE who gave me this shiny ring.


Hello World!

So this is my first time to blog so all you bloggers out there don't judge! I'm just getting started :)

Here is an example of my life so far... this was

Last night I read a bride magazine before bed
Woke up, ran home, did laundry, created my folders for the Gamma Retreat on Friday
Then filled out my planner for the next 3 weeks... if you want a laugh you can look at it! haha
Went to lunch with the lovely Mary Watson
Booked the band for my wedding!! (Souled Out, they are amazing!)
Got to my apartment, cleaned and just sat for 10 minutes
(during those 10 minutes looked at 5 photographers online...)
Went to my FIANCE'S ( I love saying that) office to see him and finish my Gamma folders, MULTITASKING PEOPLE!
Then I went and showed my ring off around campus!

Side note: What I didn't know is that the whole campus had already seen my ring. My super excited fiance had already displayed it all over campus 2 months before we got engaged! The usual response was "Ok now I must see what it looks like on your finger!" haha it made me laugh. That is one reason I love my FIANCE, he gets so excited about things and has to tell the world! That is why I thought I would find out about the engagement. BUT he kept a good secret and all you 100 people who knew before also did very well. I applaud you :)

Ok back to the day... Then I just came to my apartment and put stuff away and relaxed from my post engagement madness that has been going on the last two days. Then my FIANCE and I went and found a new place to eat. It is called New York Pizza and Pasta, it is where the old Quiznos was on 2nd street by coldstone. GREAT PLACE! You should check it out. They have specialty pizza and great pasta. For all you Alfredo fans get the Alfredo pizza! So good!!!

Well this was a preview of my life so far! I am LOVING it!!! I can't wait for school to start and for all this craziness to be here! You may say I'm crazy myself... but I'll just tell you I'm crazy in Love!