Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1:00 am Walmart Run

Brock and I headed to Wichita to see his family on Saturday after my Gamma Retreat! (Also, Gamma officer retreat was awesome!!! I am so thankful for all those girls and I could not be any more excited about Gamma this year! So get ready all you Rhos... this is going to be the best year yet!! And we also talked for like 3 hours and with no food and little sleep, at about 2 hours and 45 minutes my brain is totally fried... haha Kayla and I were standing in line to get our lunch at the house and we both had nothing more to say. We both just looked at eachother and said, "well my head is spinning and I just need food!"But everything we talked about was so important and the ideas are just awesome!)

Anyways... We get to his parents house and they all greet us and when we go upstairs they left us little presents! Sandy made us shirts that said "Meagan's Fiance" and "Brock's Fiancee"! I learned that the girl version of fiancee has two e's. (you learn something everyday...) Sandy made a WONDERFUL meal and I got to officially ask my future nieces to be the flower girls! They are the cutest girls you have ever seen! Now that I am officially going to be their aunt I think they love me even more now. It is really funny cause Baylee (oldest niece) now says that I am going to be her aunt all the time and always wants me to hold her. Then you have Peyton (youngest niece) that also wants you to hold her if you are holding her sister! So at church I attempted to hold both of them and it worked for about a minute but I soon realized that to be SUPER AUNT I need to probably work out a little more... haha so girls I'll be doin my push ups just for you! I also got to officially ask Brianne to be the cake baker as well, which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT! She is so talented and I just found out that there is an amazing spot where the cakes go at Gaillardia and it is pretty much going to be the Brianne room! All her beautiful art work and designs are going to be displayed under the tool arch over looking the gazebo in the ballroom. Hope you are excited Bri!! We had a consultation about the cakes that night as well! I never knew there were so many different types of cakes. I quickly found out that I need to do more research on this and decide on what I like! Don't worry Bri, I'm on it!

Later that night when we thought we were going to bed, I was looking through my clothes are realized that I had forgot my skirt for church the next morning. GREAT! (maybe because I got to my room, took a super fast shower, attempted something of a hairdo, threw things in my bag, and ran out the door!) So I told Brock that I had no clothes for church and he sweetly said "well, looks like we are going to Walmart!" He had no quick remark, no sarcasm, no sighes, no rolling of the eyes, no whines... and I thought, wait... what's wrong with him! Mostly because I was mad cause I was running low on sleep and I knew I had the skirt in my hand and I must have set it down for 1 second and left it, and I wanted to look cute for church cause it was like announcement day where you see everyone and show the ring. I was more frustrated at myself and wanted someone to make fun of me, but it didn't happen. Brock is just the best. I literally am spoiled by that man cause he would do anything for me. Oh and it is 1:00 IN THE MORNING! So we get in his car, go to walmart, and there are no black skirts available. Then I find a black dress that is t-shirt material, comfy, little bit of an awkward length, 12 dollars, SOLD! The funny thing is that it actually is a pretty cute dress. No one knew the difference the next morning. So thankyou Wally World for staying open 24 hours! If not for you I would be going to church in my shorts and a t-shirt and people would be looking at me saying "really, you are marrying this girl..." But no! Walmart hit me up with style!

Today I met with the Gaillardia people and I will write about that soon! Just saying though... THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!! Ok done for now! BYE


  1. Sounds like both of us are getting this thing under wraps and next summer will be amazing!

  2. That ROCKS...let's see how amazing we can make the cake...oh, Brock's too ;)

    The girls are so excited...I am taking them to Rebecca's wedding to show them their job as flower girl! I need to get out our petals and start practicing!

    By the way...your "little black dress" was totally cute!! You make anything look good! ;)