Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons I am excited about School starting

1. Seeing everyone
2. Having a Routine... I need a routine
4. Having time to workout... gotta get that wedding body (but not the jillian michaels way, she scares me)
5. Playing Flag Football
7. Host and Hostess auditions (this will be interesting being on the other side of this, now i'm the one picking... weird)
8. Power walking all over campus from meeting to meeting (I pre-apologize if I walk right past you and quickly say hi and not much more! That means I'm on a mission.) Who doesn't enjoy a great power walk??
9. Giving a chapel announcement about Spring Sing (let's be real... its everyone's dream to give a chapel announcement)
10. Getting to teach little children!

Top Ten Reasons I am excited about Graduating

1. NO MORE SCHOOL (now i will be on the teaching end)
2. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! Yes... I earned my ring... haha (quote dedicated to Michael Newberry and Corey Pless since they read my blog)
3. Finally time to learn how to cook! I'm gonna be really good... I mean I have my mother's genes
4. Time to read books I actually WANT to read
5. Having my own classroom (knock on wood cause job market is scarce)
6. Having my own place to live with my HUSBAND!
7. Decorating our own place and having many projects
8. Having time to watch TV
9. Less stress
10. No TWS! I get to create my own short lesson plans... YES!


  1. I've been doing the 30 day shred for 4 weeks, and I like it a lot. It's a little hard at first but after the 1st week it gets a lot easier, plus it only takes about 27 minutes, which is great for me cause the kids and perfect for you since you're so busy. It's only 10 bucks at walmart!

  2. That is funny cause my mom bought me that for Christmas cause I heard about it and I just could never get into it! She scares me... I like the ab ripper man who lets me take breaks! haha

  3. HAHA, I did P90X until I was 12 weeks pregnant with Maddie, then I had to quit! I'm trying to get back in shape to start that again, but its way more intense then Jillian Michaels, she says you can take a 5 second break, I promise after the 1st week you'll be good to go! If I can do it after a c-section, you can do it too!