Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last EYW concert

So tonight was my last EYW Summer Singer concert. It's weird to think that I will most likely never go back to EYW or sing on that amazing stage ever again... a little depressing! But none the less, it was a good end to the summer or singing! The sounds was AWESOME in there and once we sang the first note of "Carry On My Wayward Son" I got chills and thought "WOW!!!" Here are some pics throughout my last summer of Summer Singers!

Waldemar: I will miss you

the usual Meagan stance... Always jumping holding my hand up! Oh yeah, and Keith is in a Banana Suit

These boys are two of my favorite people. I'm gonna miss Sam being DJ in the van, his deep talks about life, and all his sayings that we end up saying (that's real nice, Oh No!, things I like...) . I'm gonna miss Keith's sarcasm, prayers before shows, interesting dance moves in the van, and the Keith and Sam deep head nod. So many memories! These boys started my nickname of "Branch" as well, and for three years it stuck!

I'm so awesome... my sweat looks like lips

Well I had a great summer... NOW BRING ON THE SCHOOL YEAR! 


  1. You forgot Sam's phase of when he would say "How do you say?...." while he was thinking of something. And "So funny!" like Mario and Luigi.

  2. hahaha You are so right! These were his new sayings of the summer, except for "real nice", thats been around the whole time! Missed you last night!