Monday, August 30, 2010

My Last FIRST day of college...

So today was my last first day of college! It went pretty well but today gave me a quick overview of how my life is going to be like. I'll start from 8:00am
8:00- set up for summer singer concert
9:00- Biology 1
11:00- Chapel (salt and light chapel... gets me every time)
11:45- play summer singer show under the pavilion
12:45- pack up equipment
1:30- Senior Bible class- (sidenote) This class is going to make me debate most of the time... If you know me, you know I hate to debate. I just don't like it. I did realize today that I am a "realist" because I don't think deeply about many subjects. I don't go searching for the truth because I believe the truth is Jesus and that he died on the cross for all of us and we are to live as he commanded us. If we mess up, we repent and ask for forgiveness. I don't know all the different theologies of religion, and I don't know what religion is the "true" religion. I just believe in one God, and that he created the earth and you and me. And thats my story! But I am excited to hear different points of view. I think this class will be very interesting.

2:30- make Gamma video
3:30- Literacy 4
5:30- Freshmen Seminar meeting
7:00- Open House night for the Homeschool program
8:00- Morgan Monday! ( had sonic with my gamma family! I just love them)
9:30- Fiance came over for an hour cause I hadn't really seen him all day

So that was my first day. But today Neil Arter told me something that I really appreciated. I came in the office to interview him for this Gamma video, and he told me "Meagan you are going to have a crazy year, but I have no doubt that you are going to be great at all of these things." That was a good pick me up during the day! I know that I can accomplish all these things, and it was nice to hear someone say that he believed in me. So thanks Neil!

Tuesday and Thursday are my off days (meaning only one class!!!!) so I am going to cherish that tomorrow! Brock and I are getting up at 6:00am to work out so I better get to sleep...

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