Thursday, September 2, 2010

Differences of Senior Year

So this past week I have already noticed some differences to Senior Year...
1. My whole apartment goes to bed by 11 (including myself)
2. I haven't eaten in the cafe all week... not even chicken Monday
3. I feel like I don't know half of the people at OC
4. My classes are SIGNIFICANTLY easier than last year (just like highschool) God is so good
5. I sit in a different section at chapel (didn't change sections till now, Freshman like our seats apparently)
6. I cook/eat in my apartment more
7. My friends are beginning to work more
8. I don't watch much TV... ever!
9. I have more papers and organizers this year. More than any other year
10. And I'm not dreading graduation, I'm looking forward to it

So there are some of my top things that I have already noticed about this year. It's crazy! The people that told me 4 years will fly by fast were right. I'm teaching a Freshman Seminar class and I love it because I can reflect on my Freshman year (which will always be my favorite year/ excluding Vienna, but I don't count that as an OC semester). My poor kids in my class think I'm crazy though. Yesterday was our first class and I just went in so many different directions because I was excited to talk about all these different things! I mean I am living vicariously through them (and mostly my brother). Involvement is a BIG thing to me (really??) so I am going to push that into every mind in my class.

Side note: I had my first class of Senior Philosophy yesterday with Peter Paton... Man that guy is smart. Smarter than I ever want to be! I just feel like I'm going to sit there for two hours and pretend to pay attention while practicing writing my new name (Meagan Lytton) all over the notes. Hopefully he will not make us turn in our notes. That would be embarrassing. I can't quite get the perfect cursive "L" down yet. Jordan is helping me so by the time June 4th rolls around I can sign that Marriage license with confidence!

First homeschool class tomorrow! My official teacherness is finally coming out!


  1. I am glad I am not the only person that notices all these differences!

  2. I have a lot of experience doodling capital Ls, so I can show you a few options if you're still working on the signature ;)