Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take that Jillian!

So Brock and I have been working out every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00am for 3 weeks. Yes we have stuck to it and it has paid off! Many people think you should go to Jillian Michaels to lose weight... I say NOOOOO!!! I don't like people who constantly yell at you to motivate you, those people make me want to stop and cry because I'm not good enough... So i did Jillian Michaels once (and i didn't even make it all the way through cause I got mad and just watched the last half of the workout). So now I have my own plan and I lost 4 pounds in a week by eating good and running every Tuesday and Thursday. So TAKE THAT JILLIAN!!! I can do it without you!

BOOOOO, Sorry to you Jillian Fans... If it worked for you thats great! Just not a fan

Sidenote- I went to a wedding dress store to get a card and just glance and I didn't really see anything I liked... So I have come to the conclusion that wedding dresses look horrible of the hanger when they are all  smashed together! I was a little dissapointed... BUT I might be trying on dresses tomorrow or Friday just to see what style I like! I don't think I will buy one because I want to look at a lot of different places but who knows... I might find the dress of my dreams and the sale of a lifetime!

Not pretty... But pretty on!

I got my ring cleaned yesterday and it is SOOO sparkly... I mean Jordan stopped in mid sentence cause she couldn't stop looking at it! Tomorrow I am going to Randy Coleman's studio because he wants to take pictures of the ring with his new lens he got just for rings! WOOOO! Be looking for new ring pics soon :)

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