Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Productive Week!

This week was very productive! First I will talk about wedding stuff...
1. I bought my dress!!! It is officially mine now! 
2. We now have a theme for the wedding... Vintage Chic :) We got this theme from my dress. I guess it is true that the dress is the center piece and you work around it! We have my lanterns in and we went to buy some fabric to drape around it and it looks real nice! 
3. Macy and I played with her color swatches of paint. Here is what the colors will be
This is all the colors together. 

This will be Brock! He will have a dark grey suit with a light gray shirt with an ivory tie and a yellow flower. He is going to look sooooo handsome :)

This will be the whole wedding party. I will be in ivory, the bridesmaids will be in coral with yellow bouquets, the groomsmen will be in dark grey suits with with an ivory shirt or light grey shirt with a coral tie and a yellow flower. 

I'm really excited about all of this! I love all these colors and I can start to see everything play out in my head. Is it really 8 months away???

Now I am starting to realize something... My ring is apart of me now. Whenever I don't have it on because I take it off to play volleyball or bake I freak out because it feels like I have lost it. Yesterday I took it off cause we went to garden at this school and I forgot to put it back on. We went to the mall and I felt like I was naked the whole time!!!! I had to go back to the apartment and put it back on before we went to fanfare after that. Then the world was back to normal. Here are some pics from our Photographer Randy Coleman! He took some pics of the ring and they are amazing!!!

I love my ring :) Thanks Brock for picking such an amazing ring and making it so unique! My man knows me and my style!

Next is Rush! We had such a great week of Rush! Saturday was 80s Rock night, Tuesday was slip n slide, Thursday was Volleyball, and Friday was Speed Dating. God has blessed us with such a great rush class! I'm so happy that I have gotten to meet all these girls! Here are some pics throughout the week. Enjoy!
I love my Morgan family! Can't wait to add to our family tree :)

yeah we are hardcore...

GAMMA!!! I love you all

These girls made the cutest shirts! Even attempted drawing a little orange at the bottom :)

Slip n Slide!!!!! So fun!

Ok this is really long... SORRYYYY! 

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  1. So since we made Brock wear pink at our wedding, it seems as though I will be having to wear "pink" (coral) as well..?? :) haha so excited to have you become part of our GROWING family!