Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best MOH, Cakes, and Innocence of a Child

So I just want it to be known that I have the best MOH (maid of honor) in the WORLD!! While I was gone this weekend she fed my dog, went to a wedding and took pictures of it cause I couldn't be there, and is already talking about all the parties we are going to have. I also have the bestest friends who went with her and did all these things. God has blessed me with AMAZING people in my life that are going to make this year so much easier for me. She is also my secretary so if you can't get a hold of me then give her a call :)

There she is in all her beauty! Love you!!!

This weekend we went to Wichita for Peyton's (my new niece) birthday party! While we were there Brianne and I got to talk about cakes and I think we nailed down the look and display of the wedding cakes!!! And oh man... it's gonna be the best display you have ever seen!! One big cake in the middle with three tiered on each side and then another two tiered cake next to it. Oh yeah... Brianne can do ANYTHING! And I saw her cake for the fair this week and all I have to say is..... A DEFINITE First place. When she puts up pictures you will see how talented she is. So I am dedicating the cake room to Brianne by calling it "Brianneland". Can't wait to see it June 4th!!!

This is the cake that she made for Peyton's birthday! So cute!!!

This weekend I fell more in love with my soon to be nieces. Baylee is a teenage stuck in a 3 year old's body, she is so smart! And Peyton is just soooo funny! She has these faces that come out of no where and she is starting to say so many words now. One thing I love about both of them is their innocence. Did you ever watch "Kid's say the darnest things?" That was one of my favorite TV shows cause I love hearing all the funny things kid's say. Well this weekend we were playing with the girls and Brock came and layed down on the couch and I sat next to him. Baylee was starting to get mad cause I left her for just one minute to go say hi to Brock. Well she kept saying "Meagannnnn come over here and play with me!" I said "just a minute Baylee, I'm talking to uncle Brock" (who was Brockasaurus at the time cause we were playing animals). Well she did not want to wait and said "Brockasaurus, can you please GET OFF Meagan so she can play with me..." Brock and I looked at eachother and just busted out laughing! Obviously he was not on top of me but the circumstances were just really funny. Aunt Tara and Grammy were calling Brock a brat today with Baylee there so I'm waiting to see how long it takes for Baylee to pick up that word! Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Peyton loves horses so we went to their good friend's house, the Hellers, and rode their horses. This one's name is Rocky. It was so cute cause Baylee got on with Peyton, who was a little nervous about the horses, and said "don't worry Peyton, I'm right behind you!" What a good big sis :)

These are the cutest girls EVER!! Peyton is on the left and Baylee is on the right.

Tara, or Tares as Baylee says, and I have the same watch so we did a little posing session with them!

And Aunt Kathy also had one too (from Tara) so she joined in on our pictures!

Love Them! Baylee loves her "CHEESE" face.

And here is the love of my life. Another great thing that happened this weekend just happened out of fate I believe. I love it when God creates little moments that you leave thinking... wow that actually happened! We went to Blockbuster and were at the register checking out the movie "That Thing You Do" (great movie). I randomly looked down and sitting on the counter directly below me was a fortune from a fortune cookie. And this is what the fortune said "Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you". I read it and it put the biggest smile on my face! The fortune was right! Brock was standing right next to me and God sent him to me to fulfill me with the happiness I need. HE is my happiness! It was just a good reminder that things are so simple in life. The happiness I have always been searching for was right next to me! I love the little things in life like this. Sometimes you just need little reminders to keep you straight :) And this reminder now hangs on my bulletin board in my room!

9 months!!!!! I love you :) 

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  1. 9 months is long enough to make a baby, but too long to wait to marry your dream guy! Trust me.