Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yes To The Dress

TODAY I FOUND MY DRESSSSSS!!!!!! I can't believe this is real! I love it so much and it took trying on about 12 dresses to make my decision. I went to Bella Rose first and found a dress that I love, but I wanted to go to another place just so I could be sure. So this morning we went to Morielles (I don't know how to spell or say it) and I tried on about 5 dresses there and there was one I loved but I wasn't too sure. The other dress was in my mind the whole time and this other dress was completely different. So we went BACK to Bella Rose and tried on the dress I loved and we decided that it was THE ONE!!!! I had all my friends and close family meet me there to so I could get the approval of the crowd! And everyone loved it :) We even had some teary moments and it was just perfect. I can just picture it now, walking down the isle with my amazing dress and looking into the eyes of the man I love! And also having my bridesmaids in this awesome dress, it was also at the same place where my dress is from. I know I am doing all of this really quickly... but after this semester I am not going to have any time at all so we want to do it now when we have some time. I'm just so happy right now! I CAN'T WAIT TILL JUNE 4TH!

Now I'm off to our Rock n Rho rush event with chi! I'll post some pictures soon. I'm sporting this awesome sequence sweater.

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  1. I LOVE Bella Rose- that's where I got my dress. I'm glad you found yours! : )

    -Rebekah Parker