Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rush Rush Rush!

These next couple of weeks are going to be centered around RUSH!!! I love Rush, so many exciting things go on. We started out with Club Night on Tuesday and I had to give a speech... If you know me, one of my secret fears is giving speeches. So I had it all planned out and it was going to be straight from the heart and I will be done. Well guess who are the two people going in front of me... CHI and DELTA, two of the funniest speeches of the night. Awesome... BUT I had a good rebuttal to Jacob's "I hate" speech. He hates rainbows and doesn't understand what we represent, but in my speech I told him exactly what we represent, UNITY! That was pretty funny, but anyways I was glad to get that over. Then after the speeches were over the cafe turned into a mad room of chaos... It was literally a jungle. I talked to many girls about rushing and I was so excited that so many girls were very interested! The problem was you couldn't hear anything they were saying and I felt like my voice raised 5 tone levels of happiness when I was talking. Sometimes that happens and I don't know why... so sorry about that people. Anyways I was glad to get Club Night out of the way and on to Masquerade.

Masquerade was tons of fun and all the girls looked FABULOUS! We had the first closed rush event so many of the girls came but it was great because we had plenty of food and we wanted to meet all of them. The only problem was that is was so hot at the beginning. As I was making my way down the line when the girls were getting there name tags I could feel the awkward sweat starting to drip down my body. Thats always great when you are trying to meet new people and make a good impression. As I was hugging everyone I was praying that no one thought "ewww this girl has a problem", but luckily I was not the only one sweating. As the night went on it got cooler and it felt great outside! I didn't get to eat much food cause I was socializing, but it looked great! As the last person walked out the door my whole body went into shut down mode. It was telling me "Ok Meagan, you have worked really hard these last three hours and I'm sorry to say but the face muscles can't take anymore smiling, we are even starting to cramp up and the voice is getting alittle tired as well. How about we go back to the apartment and just lay down for a bit." So I did that and boy did my body thank me! I couldn't move for an hour! But it was all worth it! The funny thing is that I tried to take a nap before Masquerade but this is what happens when I actually decide to take a nap

1. I get more text messages in that span of time than I get all day
2. I get more phone calls than I have all day
3. The maintance man decides to ring the doorbell and check our shower for fun
4. My roommates come in during that time
5. And my email doubles from the time I attempt to fall asleep to the time I decide to get up

So naps don't really like me very well. Sometimes it gets quite frustrating... so I just decided that after the maintenance man rang the doorbell my attempt for a nap was now over. So I answered all my text messages and emails and started getting ready... Story of my life!

I'm going to leave you with a picture of my roommates and I. I love that we are split between Gamma and Theta. It shows that no matter what club, you can always be best friends :) Remember that girls that are rushing, its ok to go into a different club than your friend. You should go were YOU fit best. If they are truly your friends, they will always be there for you!

I love them :) and do you love our shirts? Yeah... I designed them!

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