Monday, September 20, 2010

Day of Annoyance

Today I had a day of annoyance...
One of those days that EVERYTHING annoys you for no good reason
Text messages, people, class, life... Everything! Just one of those moody days. (disclaimer: if you texted me today or saw me today I wasn't annoyed with you, I was just annoyed with the day.)
Usually these days start out this way with something that annoys you
Here is what started my day off... I woke up to a text message 30 minutes before I was supposed to get up. This text message was from Neil Arter saying "Stay away from the Christian church on Boulevard". Thanks Neil...For those of you that don't know the story, I took pumpkins from that church Freshman year and smashed them and got in trouble by the police and Neil. (this was my only rebellious act, and of course I get caught) . So that has been a really big joke the past few years. But I couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up. Then I get to Biology and we had a lab which means we couldn't get out as early as usual. Then had to go to Freshman chapel and it went forever and I almost didn't have time to finish my homework for the 1:30 class... And I just wasn't in a people mood! Has this ever happened to you? The only person I wanted to see was Brock, and I couldn't even see him for very long! It was just one of those frustrating/ annoying days. My roommates let me scream in the apartment to get all my frustrations out, I love them. I finally got to see my fiance and the world was ok for those few moments. He is my escape from everything. Just wanted to share this day with everyone, thanks for my therapeutic blogging session.

In other words, I'm excited for all the Rush events to start tomorrow!


  1. Meagan!

    I'm sorry you had a "Day of Annoyance," but you know what's crazy? I randomly thought of you earlier today and just felt like dropping you a note of encouragement!

    Check yo mailbox, woman. :)

  2. Girl, yesterday was my day of annoyance too! I think I cried for two hours total throughout the day. Thank God for new days!

  3. I agree with Neil - stay away from the pumpkin patch :)

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom

  4. I'm sorry my husband annoyed you--payback for getting called out really late one night about 3 years ago, I guess. You know he loves you and would never willingly be the trigger for a day of annoyance for you! I hope you don't have many more of those this year! Keep your chin up girl!

  5. Hahaha Thanks Joni! It was really funny that he texted me that but I couldn't go back to sleep! Also, I'm going to the fair tomorrow and I might buy some hats... lots of them! I loved that picture of the hat wall!!! My dream!