Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up

I was inspired by Taylor Ketchum's blog so I am going to wrap up my 2010! It was a GREAT year filled with so many different things! Here it is :)

To start off 2010 we had a major ice storm which allowed us to have a big family sleepover with two of my favorite girls! 
 Directed Gamma Spring Sing! We were flight attendants and got 2nd place! I still hear from people how great we sounded :) Loved it
Love this girl so much! We directed together and I miss seeing Katy everyday :( She is an amazing woman! The master of all club Spring Sing

 Went to Washington D.C and NYC for Spring Break! So much fun! Also the first time to be on a Segway!
 Times Square! Our hotel was right in the square!
 Met Marry Poppins
 Met Anne Curry (if that is how you spell her name)
 Saw Taylor Swift! She sounded great and put on a great show!
 Gamma banquet with my boyfriend! :)
 And my friends!!!!!! 
Became President of Gamma Rho following the lovely Ms. Katie Barnes!

 THUNDER MADE THE PLAYOFFS!!!! My favorite sports event I have ever been too!
 Sang the Rwandan National Anthem for the Rwandan President... no big deal!
 Little Brother graduated and went to college with me!
 Turned 21!
 Roomie and Summer Singer Meagan got married!!!!!
 Roomie and Summer Singer Lacy got married too!!!
Chelsea went to Japan :( Last picture before she left! Great night! I love you guys
 Last Summer as a Summer Singer
Started off a great semester with my Gamma girls! 

My other pictures from this semester are not up yet... But we also had a great rush, started planning spring sing, started planning the wedding, and had my last Christmas without my man! I loved 2010, but I AM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH 2011! Wedding year! Also Spring sing is going to be awesome plus student teaching! Thanks for the memories 2010! :)

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  1. What a great year you had! I love and miss you too. Your 2011 is going to be fantastic! The year you get married is one you will never forget and it will change you forever!