Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorites

Our engagement pictures are here and we are SO EXCITED about them!!!! If you want to look at all of them they are on my facebook, but here are a few of my favorites :)

 This was right after he said "be natural" and we didn't know what to do... haha so we came up with this 

 Yeah he makes me happy

 This is outside the Oklahoma City Art Museum! Pretty cool! 

 We wanted to do something cool with this bike rack. Try to be "artsy" with it. He did have us do this other pose then looked at it and said "nope, that definately didn't work..." haha! Never saw that one, wonder what that looked like. 

 We also get pretty giddy sometimes

 Brock just told me he likes these next two because I am holding his ear... ha! But I love these because this is who we are!

 We were driving with Randy and he saw this staircase and we had to stop to get the perfect shot with our sperrys! I like this one too.
 This is the start of some awesome lighting! I love this one, and I think it could make an awesome invitation. What do you think?
 I got him that black jacket for Christmas last year. He is so handsome


Well everyone, here it is! The PDA picture you have all been waiting for! Atleast it isn't one of those pictures on facebook that couples put up of them making out. I'm not ok with those. But I do love this picture. Thanks to Whitney Weber and Macy Mason for doing my hair this day :)


  1. I totally told Aaron one of those in the field would make a good invitation! Good idea! Can't wait to see it! -Bri

  2. Your pictures are so precious! What a great photographer! :) By the way, I really love reading your blog. Happy Wedding planning!