Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Man's Mind

Fall Break was amazing! It is exactly what I needed, to get away for a few days! We drove down to Houston Thursday night and got their about 1:30am. We made good time but by the 12:00am mark I could not keep my eyes open. Tara was asleep in the back and Brock had been driving the whole time and it was my job to stay awake and talk to him. I have found out that my body can't function past midnight anymore. Is this a sign of getting older? Great... But I was trying really hard to stay awake. Somehow my head would gravitate to the window and lean on it and fall asleep for a minute and then I would jolt awake and try talking to Brock and then my eyes would slowly close. It was a tough battle for an hour. But I made it and then we stayed up talking to Zach till about 3:00am! I guess once I get past 2:00am I am ok. I just don't understand how I could stay up till 3:00am on a daily basis my Freshman year. I guess Freshman are like superheroes and have this special ability to stay awake so late and talk on the computer to everyone... I don't know.

Well I discovered something about the mind of men on this trip. We went to a movie Saturday afternoon and we didn't eat lunch so I wanted some popcorn which means a pop as well. I gave Brock my credit card cause he told me to save seats and he would graciously wait in line to get me popcorn (how thoughtful that boy)! As I was walking back he asked me "do you want a small popcorn?" and I said..... "yes" (because we were eating dinner right after and I didn't want to spoil it). Well us girls went to save seats and here come the guys with the popcorn. Zach brings in a small popcorn and Brock brings in a LARGE popcorn and LARGE drink. What?? Didn't I say a small? I asked him why he got a large popcorn and he said...... "well it was a better deal." The usual phrase of men, it was a better deal. The funny thing is that it WASN'T a better deal because we only ate half of the popcorn and drank half of the drink and wasted the rest of it. So actually that 3 extra dollars that was spent for the "upgrade" was a waste. Men are just funny. I am not making fun of my love, I'm just stating that a man's mind is a funny one! :) Women have this mindset while shopping for clothing. You could be saving 20 dollars on an outfit, but you are still spending 40 dollars on the outfit and most likely in my case I shouldn't be spending that 40 dollars. But I feel good about it BECAUSE I SAVED 20 DOLLARS! It was a funny moment so I just had to share!

The rest of Fall Break was great! We had a great meal Saturday night that lasted about 3 hours... haha! it was like a 4 course meal! The meat didn't get done as quickly as we thought so we ate appetizers and salad and beans and then the meat! All the food was great though and I fell in love with the game Outburst. Thanks Zach and Amanda for letting us come down and see you guys for a couple of days!

Today I went in to make sure I can graduate and I CAN! That is so weird. I feel like I'm not old enough to graduate. I dont think it is real. OC has been my life FOREVER and its going to be weird to leave it behind. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to graduate and start my future but some anxieties come along with it.

THUNDER UPPPPPPP!!!! In three hours I will be watching the Thunder kick off their season! SO EXCITED!

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  1. I will beat mom to the comment section...Brock is kin to Grandpa Berg!!! It's only the beginning...LOL! -Bri