Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Phone

This weekend I decided to turn off my phone for Friday night and all day Saturday. I wanted a break from the world and just wanted to be with Brock and my family. A funny thing I realized is how dependent I am of the Iphone. Once I turned it off at precisely 6:30pm on Friday, 10 minutes later I picked it up and pushed the button to see if I had any emails or missed calls. Obviously it didn't turn on, but it was confirmed that my phone is my haven. I decided to do this because it seems like everytime I hang out with Brock my phone rings about 5 times or I get 10 emails or text messages about things. So I wanted a phone free weekend. Saturday was great cause I just enjoyed my day and didn't worry about anything. It was a very good detox from Rush and Greek Week! It was funny cause Brock and I went to Academy and split up in the store cause we were looking for different things. Then it took about 10 minutes to find eachother cause we were walking in circles and he couldn't call me. I guess the phone is good for those situations.

It is very sad that our generation has become so dependent on technology. It wasn't too long ago before we had phones and people just had to rely on time and or actually go over to the person's house they wanted to talk to. There was no easy way of texting, everything was more personal. I do admit that the Iphone saves me in instances like email. I do get many emails a day and it is nice to keep up with it on the phone. But for some reason i tend to pick it up and look at it even when i don't have anything new to look at. It has become habit. I encourage you to challenge yourself to turn off your phones for the day. See how you feel and how freeing it is!

Yesterday we went to Gailardia and saw a wedding all set up. It was so pretty and Brock and I are ready for it to be here! I just sat in the reception hall dreaming up what our lay out would look like. It was funny seeing all the people in action getting everything ready. I heard the wedding planner say "there is no tux for the FOB from tuxedo junction" 1 hour before the wedding... oops! Everything was so beautiful and it was a gorgeous night! It was just very elegant and breath taking. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

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