Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Engagement Pics :)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I haven't really been keeping up with the blog and I apologize... But Brock and I took our engagement pictures on Monday!!!! Oh man it was so much fun! I had been trying to decide what I was going to wear for a couple of weeks and then took my clothes over to his house and we decided (I decided... haha) what he should wear. Brock loves to match :) And he loves his clothes. He is such a handsome man! Anyways, we found some great outfits and we were ready!

So I skipped my last class of the day cause we had to leave at 4:30 and we get out of class at 5:00. And I needed to get ready, I wanted that time to relax and get all beautified! I listened to my wedding play list to get me in the mood. Luckily God blessed me with a good hair day and I was so grateful! Well Brock got there to pick me up and I forgot that I put lipgloss on and went in for a kiss and he pushed me away! WHAT! I was so ready to see that man and he rejects my kiss??? Oh yeah, I had my colored lipgloss on... he doesn't like that stuff cause if he kisses me it gets all over him and its "hard" to get off. It was pretty cute cause he didn't want to mess anything up before the pictures.

We got down to Randy's studio and showed him our clothing choices and we were on our way. We started with our dressy outfits and found this pretty cool silver wall. Now was the time where we didn't know what to do... ha! Randy told us to just be ourselves and he would capture the moments, well what he didn't know is that we aren't the true models like some of the people he shoots for, and we needed some help! HA! So he had some fun with us and got us in some fun poses and such. I even showed some PDA!!! Oh man Brock was so excited that I would kiss him on camera, this was a big milestone for me. I just haven't been that big into PDA cause I feel like everyone is judging you and saying "gross" behind your back or "get a room" and such. I'm getting better though. Who cares what people think right?! I love this man and I'm gonna show it by golly! Well we walked around a block stopping and taking pictures along the way. Randy told us to try a funny pose on this bike rack thing and after the picture he said "oh, that wasn't a very good idea..." HA! But that is the only one he said it on so I'm thinking our pictures are gonna be awesome. He is the best photographer!

Oh and don't worry folks! We took a picture dedicated to our matching Sperrys. I know you were all worried we didn't get that picture... but we did! So we tackled Downtown and in the next few weeks we are going to take some field pictures and some pics at OC. While we were shooting in Downtown it started to sprinkle and we were worried about it raining. Well we decided if it did start pouring down rain he would take our picture in the rain! YESSSS!!! Who doesn't want a romantic picture in the rain and kissing in the rain! Well we didn't get that shot, but he is so excited about getting that picture that we are going to watch the weather and when it rains we are gonna have some fun!

The advice that I would give about engagement pictures is that wear something you are comfortable in and won't worry about what it looks like in pictures. Also just have fun and enjoy being with the one you love. We are excited for people to see our love through our pictures. A question he asked us before we got started was "do you see your pictures more passionate or fun?" obviously we picked FUN cause that is who we are. We are too people that have fun together and love eachother so much! Of course we got some passionate pictures too :) Not too many though OK MOM... hahaha!

Sidenote: Yesterday I gave a chapel announcement about Host and Hostess auditions. Chapel announcements are the most nerve racking things... My heart was pounding so fast! But I put out 30 applications yesterday and all 30 were picked up! WOOO so excited for that to get started! Well on the same day I had Gamma club meeting, two Spring Sing meetings, and talked to mom about wedding stuff. It was a full day all across the board!

FALL BREAK IS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! I am heading to Houston with Brock and Tara to go see my soon to be brother and sister in law Zach and Amanda! I'm so excited to get to see them and to get away for a bit!


  1. That sounds just like mine and Corey's! Ha. We were like uhhh and Kris took over. So fun!

  2. We are excited, too!!! Can't wait to see you!