Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spring Sing Fever!

Tis the season for Spring Sing fever! Monday night we had 40 people try out for Spring Sing host and hostess. I will say that OC has some talented people on this campus! I now think that OC should start a variety show for the end of the year or like a Christmas special or something where people can showcase all their talent! The bad thing with Spring Sing is that I can showcase 8 people but not the whole bunch. It was really hard to turn away some people and I knew that time would come but it really stinks when you are faced with it. However, I am really excited for call backs tonight!! I have a good feeling about the group tonight. Amy Kelly and I have been talking and Earn Your Wings is her like her OC "Christmas" and Spring Sing is mine. At this stage I am shopping for my the best Christmas presents. By the end of the week I will have finally chose the perfect gifts "the host and hostesses".

Since I have Spring Sing fever, I have been constantly thinking about song choices. There are some really great songs out there that are TV and I"m ready for the audience to melt when they hear the sounds of some TV songs that take them back in time. I get chills thinking about it. I'm not going to unveil most of the songs till later, but I am always open to suggestions. There are going to be some great medleys. The club shows incorporate TV as well, so I'm excited for the shows to come together and liven up the stage!

We also got our pictures back from our first session! I can't wait to put them up so everyone can see :) I love them and they capture how happy Brock and I are. I watched our slideshow like 20 times and everytime I couldn't help but smile. We are best friends and it shows. It even has some kissing pics too! I know you all are excited... ha! But I just want you all to know that I feel so blessed that God has provided me with the perfect man for me. A man who loves me unconditionally, tells me I'm beautiful, loves me through all the craziness in my life, makes me smile and laugh, he never wants to leave me and I never want to leave him, my friends love him, and he is growing spiritually! So for all you girls out there... if you haven't found a man who does this for you don't give up and don't settle. He is out there where you least expect him. Be patient... You don't have to find your prince charming before you graduate, OC gives you that feeling but it isn't true. I saw on someone's facebook that in Oklahoma 100 marriage licenses were given out and 75 divorce papers were signed. That is a scary statistic.

Bridesmaid dresses are coming soon!!!! WOO! And Brock's birthday is Sunday! I'm really excited to give him my present. I think he will love it :) Tell him happy birthday!

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